How to clean your sneakers

Hi sneakers lovers,

We know that taking care of your shoes isn’t easy at all. Every time your $300 sneakers got a new stain, you feel your heart ache a little. While shoes are meant to be worn and torn, there are ways that you can wear them longer, if you know how to clean them properly.

So how to clean your sneakers?

1. Find a good shoe cleaner. There are many shoe cleaner brand on the market, US made Jason Markk is the most preferable one among sneakerhead community, also known as the most premium one with higher price than other cleaners (that hasn’t mentioned about the shipping fee from US). Besides Jason Markk, there are also Crep Protect, Sneakerser, Reshoevn8r. If you are in Malaysia, and you want to save the shipping cost from US, you can get our own Shoe Mo cleaning products, which is more affordable and result proven (we’ve cleaned thousands of pairs with this). We recommend you get a set (cleaner + brush) if it’s your first time using it.

Please don’t use washing liquid or toothbrush to clean your shoes, they will leave bad marks the fabric, and worst is, the yellow stain start to come out after you dry them! So, big NO to washing liquid.

2. Remove shoe laces. If you wish to wash your shoe laces, you can soak them in separate tray of water with washing liquid, but don’t use it for your shoes.

Mix your shoe cleaner with water 1:1, dip your brush in the mixture and start rubbing on the stain on your shoes. Keep rubbing until the bubbles come up.

3. Use Clean Towel to wipe up the bubbles after you rub, see if the stain has been gone. If not, try to rub more. Then wipe off with towel, repeat.

Do not soak your shoes in water or put in washing machine. You’ll regret.

4. Air dry your shoes after done. Avoid direct sunlight.

Hand wash your shoe laces if you wish, then dry them as normal clothing.

Frequent shoe cleaning is recommended as the longer you let those stain stay on your shoes, the harder it will be to remove them.

We hope those tips help, comment below if you have any question. And as always, we’re here to help you from the hassle of cleaning them yourselves, our technician will give your kicks the love and care they deserve!

If you are seeking for professional help, send to us! 

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