Shoe Mo Turns 2!

Shoe Mo Turns 2!

We’re 2! 

It has been 2 years of wild ride, we have grown from 2 members to 20 members across 8 outlets and 3 countries! We decided to take the day off to celerate among ourselves with fun laser tag game and delicious Thai food! 

Birthday dinner – Shoe Mo MY Team
Team Building – Laser Tag game night

At Shoe Mo we believe that ultimately any organisation is built on people, and there is nothing more important than looking after the man next to you in the trenches. Team work does dream work! 

– Surprise baby gift for expecting baby son of Sunway Branch Manager.

And for the record, Shoe Mo has been serving 10,000+ pairs of shoes thus far, with 7,000+ customers. We’re on the highway to conquer the world, one cleaned pair of shoes at a time!

Onwards and Upwards,

Shoe Mo.

Ginny To
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