How to clean and take care of your leather bags

How to clean and take care of your leather bags

Hey bag collectors,

We know how you feel about your bags. Especially those you’ve worked hard to got it yourself. It pains you when the bag you put in blood and tears to buy got stained or it looks less lively than when you first got it. While it feels good to carry that bag you’re proud of and getting stained is inevitable, there are ways for them to look amazing longer. Cleaning your bags.

So, how do you clean your bags? Here are some know-how.

IDENTIFY THE MATERIAL OF THE BAG. Different materials require different cleaning method and also products in order to achieve the best result. The common materials that we see these days are leather, canvas, satin, nubucka and suede with leather being the most common one.

CLEANING THE BAG. Colours on leather bags are sometimes easily transferable or removable, so always try it out on a small and least noticeable area to make sure you don’t cause irreversible damage to your beloved bags. Leathers are very absorbent, so always clean small areas and wipe them off with a clean cloth immediately before proceeding. This is to avoid the leather re-absoring the dirts.

Be as gentle as you can too as leather color are easily transferable and removable. You would wanna go back and forth gently for a few times rather than giving it one hard brush and removing the colors in the way.

Tools you need: horsehair brush, clean cloth and leather cleaner. Note: Bags might look darker in shade after this process, rest assure this is a normal situation. Just let it dry and it will go back to its original color/shade.

CONDITIONING THE BAG. Much like your skin care routines, leathers require conditioning as well. Get a good leather conditioner, put some on a clean cloth, gently apply a thin layer over your bag and let it dry for 10-15 minutes before going to the next step.

Always AIR DRY. Avoid sunlight.

Tools needed: clean cloth, leather conditioner.

POLISHING THE BAG. Remember the shine on that leather bag when you first bought it? This is where we work on that shine. Polishing. There are various polishing cream out there. Identifying what you need is crucial.

The common ones are black, brown and neutral. Neutral color polishing cream is for leather that are of lighter colors, such as red, yellow etc. And of course, there are polishing creams in those colors too but figuring out the right shade would some experiences.

Put some polishing cream on a clean cloth, or if your polishing cream comes with the sponge head, apply a thin layer over the entire bag, let it dry for 10-15 minutes and brush the bag with a horsehair brush. Brush gently and evenly for a shiny finish.

Note: Make sure your tools are clean and free of colors to avoid unwanted color transfer.

CLEANING THE INSIDE? We do not recommend cleaning the inside. The reason being the usual pen inks that stained the inside, could easily transfer to the leather with just a slight mistake.

We hope these tips help, you can now proudly tell your friends you have gotten your beloved baby “younger” by a few years. Walk down the streets with confidence again like how when you first got them.

Comment below if you have more questions and we would gladly get back to you.


This is where we comes in. Often times, all these require a certain amount of practice before perfecting it. It takes experiences to identify the material and the right method to handle it. Our team took 5 years to get familiar with leather. Let alone all the other types of material out there. If you would really love to get your bags cleaned, you could always drop them off at any of our Shoe Mo outlets available in Klang Valley. We have outlets Uptown, Sunway in Petaling Jaya; Bangsar (Jalan Telawi 3) and Sunway Velocity in Kuala Lumpur and rest assured that your bags will be in good hands.

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