Saving the environment, one shoe at a time

Saving the environment, one shoe at a time

Did you know that the process of making a pair of runners produces approximately 13kg of CO2? The process of making a pair of sneakers has even higher carbon footprint than that.

76.8% of shoes or sneakers are produced in China. China primarily depends on fossil fuels to generate energy and fossil fuel isn’t entirely environmentally friendly. It takes a toll on our environment when it is being used.

Other than that, water consumption during the process of shoes/sneakers making also plays a big part in impacting the environment. Most shoes/sneakers making process consumes a large amount of water. The most prominent two among these are leather treatment process and rubber making process. These two materials are largely common in the shoes/sneakers industry.

A huge chunk of the problem comes from the supply side, but it is also related to the demand. Without demand, there wouldn’t be any supplies. If we weren’t asking for so many shoes, they wouldn’t want to produce this many as well. Changing the supply is gonna be tough because there’s a large system in place. But we can start with ourselves. By prolonging the lifespan of our shoes, buying less, we hope to reduce the supply in the long run and hopefully cutting down all the processes that are damaging the environment.

Shoe Mo has always been trying to contribute in helping the environment. We do not give out physical receipt and send e-receipts instead to reduce paper wastage, we give out biodegradable plastic bags only when necessary and encourages our customers to bring their own bag and we have also recently launched our own recyclable tote bag in order to further reduce the use of plastics bags.

We do believe that our service in its essence, plays a part in helping the environment. By sending in your shoes to wash, you are able to prolong the lifespan, wearing them longer and hence eliminating the need to buy new pair too soon.

WeWork has been big in this area. They have made multiple efforts in trying to help the environment and we are glad that we see eye to eye in this matter and WeWork believes in what we do too.

That has lead to our collaboration where we set up a pop up in WeWork and spread the idea of saving the environment by getting your shoes cleaned.

WeWork members will only need to bring their shoes with them, get our Menu/Tag, pick the services that they want, pay with one of the many e-wallets, put the tags in their shoes and drop it off in the biodegradable bags we provide. We handle all the delivery and pick up.

All they need to do after that, is to sit back, relax and wait for their shoes to come back.

The WeWork team has been extremely friendly and helpful and we were shocked by how many WeWork members agreed with us on this matter.

This is a little story about how we try to contribute to the global issue, and hopefully many more would join us.

If you would like us set up something like this as well, get in touch with us!

Drop a message HERE or send us an email at

We would love to hear from you!

Onwards and Upwards,

Shoe Mo.

Ginny To
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