Bag Mo – Bags Repair & Restoration for leather bags, luxury, branded designer bags.

Bag Mo – Bags Repair & Restoration for leather bags, luxury, branded designer bags.

With the same passionate team that founded Shoe Mo in 2016, now Shoe Mo has presence in 4 countries with 12 outlets, serving more than 10,000 customers with 30,000+ pairs of shoes serviced. We decided to create Bag Mo brand to exclusively service your delicate leather bags & wallets. 

Why do you need to service your bag? If you own an luxury leather item, you should pay attention to them to prolong their lifetime, and to pass to your next generation too. While designer bags & wallets have good quality, after long usage, they will get stains, dust and dull metalwares.  This is a very common problem and can be easily fixed if you service them often with cleaning, leather conditioning and polish. If you leave the stain on for too long your leather will absorb it and it will be hard to remove.

Other problems such as edge torn, broken handle, stuck zips, broken bag lining. You can get them touched up and replaced so you can continue to use them for long more.

If the condition are getting worse over time and your leather color starts fading, you can get them color restoration service to give back the shining color as when you purchased them. Even, some customers would opt for a color transformation service which give your bags a different color so they can live a second life!

Based in Bangsar, the busy business quarter in Kuala Lumpur, Bag Mo is a trusted boutique bag service that provides solutions for your bag problem. Here are the service we offer:

1.Bag cleaning & polish: Hand cleaned and polish, delicate process for your delicate leather bags.

Wallet/ clutch: RM60

Small to medium bag/ wallet /clutch (<30cm diagonally): RM120

Large bags: RM150 – 200

2. Bag Repair: From RM 60 – We offer repair service for bag problems such as: Edge torn, Broken handle, Torn lining

Torn and color faded bag handle fixed by Bag Mo

3. Leather color restoration: From RM200 – We can restore your bag color for certain parts or full bag color restorationFaded color fix

Color restoration on Coach leather bag done by Bag Mo
Leather color restoration on Ralph Laurent Duffle Bag done by Bag Mo

4. Leather color transformation: From RM200 – Bored of your bag color? We can change your bag color to a new color to give them a second life!

Full color change/ transformation on Belanciaga City bag, work done by Bag Mo

If you want to send in your bag…

1)Contact Us via WhatsApp Hotline: 0176138581 with some photos of your bags condition, we will give you consultation & price quote for your bag

2) Send the bag to our shop via Walk-in, or Postage or Delivery Service. We offer free pick up and delivery in KL and PJ area.

3) Make payment via Online Banking/ Credit Card & receive official Bag Mo receipt

4) You will receive and email and sms notification with your bag before and after photos. Then you can collect them back/ we deliver back to you.

*Normal duration for our service is 1-3 weeks.

Start servicing your bag today! Contact us at WhatsApp Hotline: 0176138581 (Text Only) or visit out shop at Bangsar (inside Shoe Mo) 24-2 (a) Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, KL 59100 (Map Link:

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