How to Clean Shoes and Sneakers: Online training courses now available!

How to Clean Shoes and Sneakers: Online training courses now available!

Good news to those who are seeking mentorship and guidance; Shoe Mo will now be offering online training courses on the basics of sneaker care based on our extensive experience since 2016. The course is usually done in person at Shoe Mo HQ however due to the pandemic, it will be conducted online over Zoom / Google Meets.
The training courses will be conducted by Shoe Mo’s co-founder Jack who has also previously trained and supervised multiple Shoe Mo franchisees and clients from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Indonesia & Malaysia.
The course covers the following;
1. Introduction to Shoe and Sneaker services (Excluding repairs) 
2. Introduction to general Shoe and Sneaker materials
3. Introduction to Cleaning materials and tools (Cleaning only)
4. Introduction to materials and tools for other Sneaker services 
5. Identification and knowledge of common stains and problems
6. Technical application (Cleaning)
7. Technical application (other Sneaker services)
8. General guidelines for effective Operations.   

The objective of the course is to share Shoe Mo’s experiences with working with over 50,000 pairs of shoes and sneakers with our clients and trainees. This will enable them to confidently handle any type of shoes and sneakers that they may encounter in their businesses. 

If you are planning to start a shoe laundry business, or simply just want to know how to take care of your kicks, contact us from the details below;

Instagram: @myshoemo @jackwong01
Email: /

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