4 reasons to partner with Shoe Mo to start a new shoe cleaning business in your country.

4 reasons to partner with Shoe Mo to start a new shoe cleaning business in your country.

Established in 2016 and with the track record of servicing over 50,000 pairs of shoes and sneakers, Shoe Mo – Shoe & Sneaker Services is now established in 4 countries (5th soon) within 4 years of its inception. Part of the reason for its success and growth is a combination of experience plus proven operating and business models.

>> Is there an underserved market for Shoe and Sneaker cleaning services in your country?

>> Is there a gap where the traditional cobblers cannot serve? (Hint: traditional cobblers focus mainly on leather based shoes).

>> Are there any specialist service providers for non-leather based shoes and sneakers?

>> Are the younger consumers increasingly buying more pairs of sneakers? Has sneakers become a widely accepted accessory in your country? (I.e. worn to work, weddings, interviews, everyday etc)

Partner with us, the leading operators of the Shoe and Sneaker Cleaning business. With our wealth of experience to be shared here are 4 reasons why you should work with Shoe Mo;

1- Branding
Established in 2016 with a track record of over 50,000 pairs of shoes to date and presence in more than 4 countries, Shoe Mo – Shoe and Sneaker Services is the specialist brand you would want to establish to serve your market.

2- Proven industry experience and operating track record
Having seen the ‘’highs and lows’’ of starting the business from scratch to where we are today, Shoe Mo has endured and withstood the test of time and consumers. Battle experiences (and scars) drawn from multiple market entries, business models, branding, pricing, target customers, staffing & operations. Let us guide you to avoid repeating these mistakes that we have made previously.    

3- Plug & Play concept
Apart from investing some time to train up the human capital, the Shoe Mo model is almost ready to go with easy setup with ready to deploy operating systems, SOPs, supplies & even furniture lists! Let the focus be on the operations and technical training.

4- Tailored Business Models
No 2 countries operate and behave in the same way, hence from our experiences in operating in various conditions (high rental – high labour markets to low rental – low labour markets), we can help our potential partners to evaluate and suggest the best business model moving forward. 

Info: Shoe Mo’s collaboration model is a Licensing model, where our partners will enter a Licensing Agreement for the Brand and Operating System.

Interested to find out more? Send your enquiries to contact@myshoemo.com / jack@myshoemo.com to get in touch with us today!  

Ginny To
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