Shoe Mo Delivery - SEA's first delivery shoe care service!

Shoe Mo Delivery is officially launched in Malaysia! 

No more traffic, no more parking hassle, we're here to serve you at your doorstep. After months of working on it, we have finally launch Shoe Mo Delivery that provides door-to-poor pick up and delivery service for your shoe and sneakers. 

How does it work? 

1. Visit
2. Request service to be done with your shoes
3. Choose a pick up time and date
4. Proceed payment for your order
5. Our runner will contact you to pick up once the order is confirmed

Got more questions? Visit our FAQ page. 

Our service prices are still the same! Just that we charge for delivery service based on your location to our nearest outlet. Out can opt to self collect at the shop too! 

We always try to serve you better, if you are using our delivery service, do let us know if you have any feedback to, we're glad! 


Onwards and Upwards,

Shoe Mo. 


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